"Engaging with human beings. Offering hope to men that are broken. Giving back to this world after taking so much." - Justin McEntee

Justin McEntee
Founder &
Board Member

A sober living owner & operator, Justin has been in recovery himself for 7 years. He has the compassion, understanding and knowledge to provide others a comfortable stay and personalized support. 

Get to know Justin:

Justin McEntee is a native of San Diego, CA and grew up most of his life in Ramona, CA. He knows how to communicate with other addicts, understands their addiction and the pain that it causes.  Justin has lived through this pain and after making the "best" decision, he went to treatment. "From a young age I felt uncomfortable and needed to find comfort." The comfort worked for a little while and then circumstances happened that changed his path in life. "I did my best with what I had but I knew that my family, friends and anyone who cared for me was suffering as well," After spending 11 months at a sober living facility, Justin felt that he was called to be of service to other addicts.  

Out of his pain and recovery, Victory was born.