“We have learned that the satisfaction of instincts cannot be the sole aim of our lives.” 
― Alcoholics AnonymousTwelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Reviews & Testimonial

"Victory Sober Living is the first place that I will recommend to individuals searching for a safe, sober living environment."


"Victory provides a solid foundation for people to establish the building blocks for a better future.  The structure is non-intrusive, but is set so that guests maintain their program and follow all the rules.  The house is in constant immaculate condition.  The owner is a strong individual in recovery who has a kind yet unwavering stance on the alcoholic/addict program."


"I moved into Victory Sober Living in 2014.  I have enjoyed my experience here and have grown into a better man.  This home is an excellent place to live while first getting sober or coming with time in sobriety but still needing a structured environment.  Any guest will prosper as long as they are willing and open to learning a new way of living life, without using drugs or alcohol." 

"The owner strives to interact with all the guests in a compassionate, caring, loving manor and is truly there to help men achieve a life filled with freedom and peace of mind.  The cost of living is very reasonable compared to other sober livings in San Diego and is located in a central, family oriented neighborhood.  The house is usually filled with laughter and camaraderie, making it easier to build positive relationships and feel a part of.  Victory is a licensed sober living and is listed with the San Diego sober living coalition.  Alcoholics and addicts deserve to be happy and free from the bondage of self."

"Living at Victory House sober living has made a huge difference in my life.  I have been here since July 2014 and I am proud to say that I am a different person today than when I arrived.  I came to Victory with 3 months sober and now I have over a year sober.  Victory has provided the necessary structure and support to help me complete all 12 steps, get back in the work field and generally deal with life better.  I now work full time and I am able to keep up with the mandatory 4 meetings per week and church on Sundays.  With Victory being a true faith based sober living God has blessed this home and continually watches over all of us.  I have made many good friendships and these relationships will last years to come.  This house is not a “flop house”, meaning that there is zero tolerance for any drug or alcohol use.  If you’re looking for a solid place to begin the journey of sobriety, then Victory house is definitely for you."